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  1. Sheikh Aleemuzzaman
    (Doctor, Organizer and Writer)
  2. Sheikh Aleemuzzaman is a medical doctor by profession. After graduating from Rajshahi Medical College in Bangladesh, he flew to Japan as a Monbusho Scholar in the year 1989. On completion of  Ph.D. from Nihon University School of Medicine (Tokyo), he joined the same school as a member of Faculty of Pathology. Later he joined the Tohto College of Health Sciences (Japan) and presently holds the position of visiting professor. His research area is 'Epidemiology of Hepatitis in Bangladesh'. He has been a subject of Marquis 'Who is Who in medicine and health care around the world' in  2009.

  3. Recently, he has focused more on Bangladesh to enhance Japan-Bangladesh bilateral cooperation in the healtcare sector. He is working on various projects in Bangladesh, including JICA healthcare projects. In 2013, he established Medicare Japan (MJ) a health carer provider organization for community people, to introduce Japanese style health screening system (Ningen Dock) as a standard model for prevention of non-communicable diseases in Bangladesh.

  4. 'Dr. Sheikh', as he is popularly known in Japan, has been a very successful community organizer. In 1998, he led the establishment of an NPO named Japan Bangladesh Society (JBS). Under his able leadership, 'Tokyo Boishakhi Mela (Festival)', the largest expatriate event is being held every year at Tokyo, since 2000. He proposed  and initiated to build a Shaheed Minar at Tokyo and resposnding to this initiative, the Government of the People's republic of Bangladesh came forward to build a Shaheed Minar at the venue of Boishakhi Mela, in the year 2005.  The Tokyo Shaheed Minar is the first one to be directly built by the Government of the People's republic of Bangladesh on a foreign land.

  5. Aleemuzzaman, a prolific writer, has authored a number of books. He was a pioneer in introducing Science Fiction to Bangladeshi readers, debuting through the book 'Shondhani' in 1985, published from the prestigious  'Sheba Prokashoni' of Bangladesh.

    [Dr. Sheikh Aleemuzzaman can be reached by E-mail: sheikhaleemuzzaman@gmail.com]